Cetrol N-15

Cetrol N-15

  • Essential oils are widely used as aroma and flavour enhancers, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and aromatherapy, however some of the essential oils now can also be used for Bio fuel Additive.
  • Essential oils composed of  Carbon(C), Hydrogen(H), Oxygen(O), Nitrogen(N).
  • Close to chemical compose of diesel fuel.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Environmental friendly.

The Adventages of CETROL N15

  • Oxygenated fuel, so it supplies more oxygen for fuel combustion.
  • Bio Detergency ability
  • Free of fatty acid content, thus avoid carbon deposit.
  • Low water content
  • Bio degradable
  • Oil soluble
  • Raw materials used are not food crops, so it is not come in conflict with food supply

Bio Fuel Additive CETROL N15

  • Consist of various of essential oils.
  • Bio Additive for diesel fuel.
  • Can be used for motor vehicle, bus, Truck, Power plant, Boiler, Dozer, Excavator, Marine transportation.
  • Direction for use :
  •             Mix with composition : 1ml Bio additive to 1 liter fuel.

Product Characteristics

  • Enhance perfect combustions in engine chamber.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness level of the entire fuel sytem.
  • Reducing exhaust emissions.

Function of CETROL N15

  • Enhance perfect combustions in engine chamber.
  • Cleansing and keep clean entire fuel system from carbon deposit.
  • Recover power performance.
  • Reducing engine temperature.
  • Reducing exhaust emissions.
  • Saving fuel consumption an average of 15%.
  • Cost saving on engine maintenance.


  • Constraints of Biodiesel utilization
  • Susceptible to oxidation by water.
  • Low storage stability resulting in increased free fatty acids and viscosity.
  • The formation of gums and sediments that can clog fuel filters.
  • Biodiesel has 11% less energy than diesel fuel(solar) that signifies its ability to produce lower power compared with solar.


  • Increase the oxidative stability of Biodiesel.
  • Storage time of Biodiesel becomes longer.
  • Reducing SFC rate by 17% on B20 and 10% on B100.
  • Reduce exhaust emissions.
  • Improve power performance.
  • Enhance perfect combustions.
  • Cleansing and keep clean entire fuel system from carbon deposit.