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About Bio Pacific Energy

Laboratory research and field testing that we have been conducting for more than 10 years on essential oils results in a formulation of Bio-fuel additives. Two product variants use for diesel fuel and gasoline, with the brand Cetrol N15 and Octane N. The products gains appreciation from the relevant official institutions and international institutions, such as:

  • On May 8, 2008 we were asked by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia, Directorate General of Oil and Gas to present this product and obtain appreciation as innovation product.
  • On August 5, 2010, a Product discussion was held together with BPPT, Pertamina, the Director General of Oil and Gas and the Ministry of Industry, in which we received support to develop and market more broadly for this product.
  • On September 21, 2011, we were awarded as the Top 20 finalist at Intel DST Asia Pacific in Bangalore, India.

In line with national energy policy and energy diversification, namely biofuels by using fossil fuels, our role is to provide efficient use of gasoline and diesel fuel up to 15%. It is a value, that is not small when associated with fuel consumption in the country today.

In addition, by seeing the macro economy of fuel additive development, it can provide a very broad multiplier effect on improving the Indonesian economy from upstream to downstream, meaning that it is:

  • Appoint Indonesian essential oil as a commodity that has economic value.
  • Utilization of non-productive land for volatile plants, considering that citronella as a main raw material which can grow easily in the yard and unproductive land.
  • Labour Absorption and Increased Income for Farmers.
  • Saving fossil energy consumption and saving the country.
  • Implementing a program to tackle global warming and reducing exhaust emissions.

The consideration above motivates us to develop this business.
PT. Bio Pacific Energy is an innovative Enterprise that has a mission of empowering the people's economy through the development of essential oils, the development of non fossil energy, and contributes to and makes a green environment.


cetrol, cetrol n15, harga cetrol